The Task

KidzTurf is a subsidiary of Golds Gym that specializes in youth fitness. They approached me to relaunch their website after losing faith in their previous design. I came in and analyzed their web presence, discovering that webpages contributing significant amounts of revenue were being lost to a cluttered and wonky design with little hierarchy. I re-engineered the layout to prioritize areas of user interest and emphasize directing user traffic towards revenue generating pages. Since completion, event space rental has risen and customers calling to book space have complimented the new design.

The Tools

  • User Experience and Interface Design
  • Layout Improvements & Mobile Responsive
  • Wordpress Integration
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

"Since our website has been up we have doubled our usual birthday party bookings and sharply increased the amount of informed customers in our market"

—Alex, Kidzturf Head of Business Development

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